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|                                                       |
|                     Layer Zero                        |
|                                                       |
|        A private, anti-corporate hackerspace          |
|        in Minneapolis                                 |
|                                                       |
|        headquarters of Cyberia Computer Club          |
|                                                       |

 welcom 2 the lair >:) 

                   (      _[]_         (
           __[]___[]___[]/____\_[]_    )
          /______________|[][]|____\  (
          |  /\|/\  |  /\|  /\|/\  |_____\
        -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

              Layer Zero is different

Sponsorship looms behind tech meetups and conferences 
in the Twin Cities. Advertisements everywhere, 
recruiting pitches, and worst of all, the undercurrent 
of "professionalism" deciding who does or doesn't belong.  

We can do better than a soul-less exchange of business 

                   Street Address

The address hasn't been published yet. 
For more information, visit layerze.ro/street-address.html 

We built Layer Zero for ourselves, and for our community.

Equal parts office, lab, clubhouse, and coffee spot, we
want Layer Zero to be _the_ gathering place for
non-corporate related hackers and creators from our
cities. We fund it ourselves, so you don't have to worry 
who's behind it. It's us.* 

It's on a transit line. There's food nearby. There's
heat, chairs, coffee, and creativity. A cute backdoor
space to use during our nicer seasons. A warm indoor
space to cower in through winter. Oh, and a mini-fridge.
And a renovated bathroom.

We have COVID policies and aren't weird about talking 
about masks. We know we're living in a hellscape timeline, 
we'd just rather work through it together and maybe build
something beautiful. 

*And you too, if you want:

                    Social Rules

       see layerze.ro/social-rules.html


         If you think that computing should be:

    Then we could use your help. Help us close the old
    world and open the next.

                ~ cyberia computer club

(c) Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
    Cyberia Computer Club 2020-∞

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