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     beta notice: membership is subject to change <3 <3
     beta notice: membership is subject to change <3 <3
     beta notice: membership is subject to change <3 <3

  == layer zero is for everyone, member or not ==

  You do not have to be a member of layer zero
  in order to participate. You may show up, use
  our materials, screw stuff into our walls, teach
  a class, and eat pizza with the rest of us without
  being a member.

  == if you love layer zero, consider membership ==

  layer zero only exists because generous people give
  it money. consider being a member and helping shoulder
  the financial burden of the space.

   == members ==

  members of layer zero:
  - give the space $ per month (any amount, no minimum)
  - may have keys and can open and close the space at will
  - _may_ participate in consensus
  - are invited to a private matrix channel
  - may use one of the lockers
  - will probably get more benefits in the future!

  == how can i be a member? ==

  the process is pretty simple:
  - ask an existing member to become a member
  - they may propose your membership
  - your membership will be discussed for ~7 days
  - your membership is either approved or cancelled
  - if approved, be sure to donate to the opencollective!

               == FAQ ==

  1. how is this related to cyberia???

  membership has lots of crossover but they're 2 different

  2. why?

  because layer zero is not _only_ about computers! it's a
  general purpose hackerspace :)

  3. can i support layer zero without being a member?

  yes! just give money to the opencollective. there is no
  obligation to be a member if you don't want to be.

  4. club mate when???

  idk, erika hasn't gotten back to me and either has the
  east coast reseller. sad.

  5. vending machine when???

  bug fack about this :)

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    Cyberia Computer Club 2020-∞

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