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|            Beta: Saturday Day Crafting                |
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Saturday Day Crafting is an event centered on creation
and community. Bring your project to Layer Zero and hack
away. Don't worry, there's a lot of caffeine!

Bring your project!!!
                              video game
               software development
   watercolor                3d printed object
             personal blog
                                 shell scripts
         bicycle!?!          book
              circuit board

Craft days are open-ended, and are not restricted to
computing. They are meant to bring our community together,
and give us a place to engage with one another.

We do require that your project cannot be for the purpose
of personal gain. We want to discourage the abuse of
our collective goodwill.

Examples of ~things that ain't chill~ include:
- soliciting development advice for a closed-source
  and for-profit project
- asking someone to fix your corporate laptop
- use of our space to develop face-scanning tech for facebook
- etc

            also, please read our social rules.


Saturday Day Crafting is an event that happens on Saturdays.
Beyond that, there's no strict schedule (yet). See the

#happenings:cyberia.club channel in Matrix for up-to-date info.


Saturday Day Crafting is in beta, and is
subject to massive changes, deprecation, or outright
deletion at any moment.

We will be running a few trials to get a feel for what
this event is, and what it looks like.

(c) Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
    Cyberia Computer Club 2020-∞

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